S.D. Epcar & Associates

S.D. Epcar & Associates is a results-driven organization that offers the highest level of expertise in real estate asset and property management, including marketing and development consulting services for multifamily, retail, commercial and mixed-use properties.  We provide Real Estate Advisory Services, which includes Asset Repositioning, Marketing, Acquisition / Disposition Support, Due Diligence as well as Property and Organizational Assessments.  In addition, we offer development project Design Reviews, market analysis, and competitive property surveys, and meaningful proforma operating projections.  Finally, we have established a successful history of providing the legal community with exceptional Expert Witness and Litigation Support.

In today’s highly competitive real estate environment, proficiency in real estate management and its related disciplines has never been more important to optimizing the bottom-line of a real estate investment or creating value within a property management organization. 

S.D. Epcar & Associates is dedicated to delivering consistent quality, measurable results, and client satisfaction at every level.

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